Express Facial - 30 minutes - $55 Good things come in small packages. If your schedule is always full, or you're just in-between facials, this is the perfect treatment for you. This petite facial gives you all the benefits of a traditional facial — thorough cleansing, exfoliation, hydrating mask and moisturizer all within a convenient time frame. 

Signature Facial - 60 minutes - $85 Receive the attentive care needed to deep cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. Customized products balance and calm the skin. Includes a relaxing neck, shoulder, and scalp massage.

Luxe Facial - 90 minutes - $115 During this luxuriously long facial, your skin receives everything to smooth, tone, brighten, and hydrate you to bring out your own natural glow. Extended massage melts all your worries away. This is ideal for the greatest relaxation. 


Facial add-ons

LED treatment $15 aka Color Light Therapy, uses for clinically proven wavelengths of UV- Free LED lights that boost collagen production and treat acne. You will notice a major difference in your complexion. Your skin will feel smoother and noticeably clearer (lighter spots and less inflammation). 

High frequency $15 treats and prevents stubborn acne, shrinks enlarged pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, fades dark eye circles, rejuvenates the condition of the scalp and nourishes hair follicles for healthy hair growth. 


Derma Roller $20 The derma roller (a.k.a. micro needle roller) is a revolutionary device that stimulates collagen and elastin in the skin to promote healthier skin cells in the body. Using 200 extremely fine medical grade needles, the derma roller painlessly creates micro-channels in the skin which trigger the body's natural healing process to create new, healthier tissue to replace the imperfections of older skin. By renewing skin cells you treat common problems such as wrinkles, skin hyperpigmentation, scars (including acne scars), uneven skin and stretch marks, but it can simply be used to create smoother skin. 

Chemical Peels $20 are a non-invasive way to improve the skin's appearence. In this treatment, a solution is applied to the skin, which makes the outer damaged layers peel off. The skin left after peeling is smoother with more even tone and fewer wrinkles. Chemical peels can be done on the face, neck and hands. We offer Lactic acid peels, Glycolic acid peels and Salicylic acid peels.